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Best products for Citrus mealybug in Cucumber

Damage symptoms of Citrus mealybug in Cucumber

Although most species of mealybug feed on the aerial parts of the plant, some species extract their nourishment from roots, whilst others are gall-formers. A few species can also transmit harmful viruses.

Mealybugs inflict damage on the crop in various ways:

Nymphs and females extract the sap from the plant, stunting growth and causing deformation and / or yellowing of leaves, sometimes followed by defoliation. The overall effect is a reduction of photosynthesis and therefore the yield. Flowers and fruit often drop off.

Plant sap is rich in sugars, but low in proteins. In order to gain an adequate intake of protein, mealybugs must therefore ingest large quantities of sap, getting rid of the excess sugars in the form of honeydew. Characteristically, dark sooty moulds (Cladosporium spp.) are often found growing on this honeydew. Additionally, the white, waxy secretion of the mealybugs, reduces the ornamental value of the affected plants. Fruit and flowers are also fouled, rendering them unfit for sale, and the reduced level of photosynthesis in the leaves also reduces flower and fruit production.

In ornamental crops, the mere presence of mealybugs is sufficient to render the product unfit for sale. A very small population can thus cause considerable economic damage.

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A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, cultivation conditions for crops are seldom optimal. Find biostimulants and biofertilizers to optimize plant potential and crop resilience.

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Bumblebees are very effective pollinators which results in good fruit set and savor of labour costs. Our Natupol solutions guarantee maximum pollination, even under difficult conditions. Find the best bumblebees for your crop.

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Biological seed treatment products reduce the need for fertilizers, boost plant resistance and can increase yield. Based on a biological fungicide, they give immediate protection against diseases. Find the right products for your crop.

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