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Agricultural pests and harmful fungi, viruses and bacteria can attack your crop at any time. These weaken the crop and put it under more stress. Find the right products for your crop.

Best products for Diamond back moth in Cucumber

Damage symptoms of Diamond back moth in Cucumber

The caterpillar is a surface feeder. They feed from the lower leaf surface, leaving the wax layer on the upper surface intact, thereby creating translucent windows. In cases of severe infestation, entire leaves may be destroyed, leaving only the veins. The larvae feed also on the chlorophyll-rich green areas of stems and pods causing whitening of the crop. Heavily damaged plants appear stunted and will, in most cases, die. On rapeseed, larvae also feed on flower buds, flowers and young seed pods, causing loss of pods and seeds.

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A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, cultivation conditions for crops are seldom optimal. Find biostimulants and biofertilizers to optimize plant potential and crop resilience.

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Bumblebees are very effective pollinators which results in good fruit set and savor of labour costs. Our Natupol solutions guarantee maximum pollination, even under difficult conditions. Find the best bumblebees for your crop.

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Biological seed treatment products reduce the need for fertilizers, boost plant resistance and can increase yield. Based on a biological fungicide, they give immediate protection against diseases. Find the right products for your crop.

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