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Damage symptoms of Tobacco whitefly in Rose

The larvae of whitefly need a lot of protein for growth, and thus consume a large quantity of plant sap. This contains a high proportion of sugar, and the excess is excreted as honeydew, with larger larvae expelling large quantities. The damage that whiteflies cause to a crop is the result of sucking out the sap from the plant leaves and secreting honeydew. This can have the following consequences:

  • If the population is very large, feeding on plant sap can affect the physiology of the plant, as a result of which growth is retarded. In full sunlight, leaves can wilt and fall. Such leaf damage can in turn influence the development of fruit and lead to a reduction in yield.
  • The honeydew deposited on fruit makes it sticky. Dirt adheres to the fruit, and the growth of sooty moulds (Cladosporium spp.) is encouraged, making it unsuitable for sale. In serious cases the fruit will rot. Sooty moulds also develop on the leaves, reducing photosynthesis and transpiration.
  • Bemisia tabaci is known for the transmission of viruses, including TYLCV in tomato.
  • The consumption of plant sap and secreting of honeydew by whiteflies reduce the aesthetic value of crops. This is particularly important in ornamentals.
  • The larvae inject enzymes into the plant that alter their normal physiological processes. In some host plants, this can cause damage, including irregular ripening in tomatoes and sweet peppers, yellowing of the flower stalks in gerbera, and serious yellowing of the leaves of French beans. Other symptoms include the appearance of chlorotic patches, yellowing, fruit and leaf fall and misshapen fruit.

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A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, cultivation conditions for crops are seldom optimal. Find biostimulants and biofertilizers to optimize plant potential and crop resilience.

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Bumblebees are very effective pollinators which results in good fruit set and savor of labour costs. Our Natupol solutions guarantee maximum pollination, even under difficult conditions. Find the best bumblebees for your crop.

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Biological seed treatment products reduce the need for fertilizers, boost plant resistance and can increase yield. Based on a biological fungicide, they give immediate protection against diseases. Find the right products for your crop.

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