Most of the Koppert products are living, fragile organisms. They are packed with care and prepared for the journey in such a way that they are still healthy on arrival. The distribution chain is designed to get the products to the customer in the shortest possible time. This has resulted in a streamlined logistics network, with people along the line who are thoroughly trained to handle the products.

Koppert Kenya has been in operation for the last ten years and we use two distribution models to serve our customers.

Channel 1: Direct sales

We sell directly to large scale growers including flower exporters, vegetables exporters and cereal

Channel 2: Agent

In order to support small and medium smallholders in Kenya, beginning October 2012 Koppert Kenya entered into a partnership with Amiran Kenya Ltd. Through this partnership we aim to provide small and medium scale farmers with innovative biological crop protection solutions. We believe this will increase crop productivity and subsequently the farmers’ incomes.

Currently we are only able to avail one product -Trianum to the smallholder famers, but more products are in the pipeline. Read more about how to use Trianum here.

Corporate Office

Koppert-Amiran Distributors