Vidi Parva

Vidi Parva

Use Vidi Parva for:

Stimulating root growth and improving root quality; generative plant steering


Vidi Parva is a liquid formulation sold in 1 litre and 5 litre jerry cans (country specific)

General information

When to use Vidi Parva?

  • Stimulate root and initial plant growth
  • Establish and sustain microbial activity, including disease suppressing microbes
  • Increase nutrient uptake
  • Increase dry matter content in crop
  • Generative steering

How does Vidi Parva work?

Vidi Parva stimulates root growth and improves root initiation, therefore providing an ideal basis for a strong and healthy crop. It also promotes the development of disease-suppressing bacteria around the roots. Vidi Parva stimulates the formation of root hairs which release exudates to create and maintain the rhizosphere micro-biology. The product also ensures the development of a compact and resilient plant to support proactive crop balance.

By applying Vidi Parva, the plant is able to produce auxins more effectively. Auxins are plant hormones that promote root formation. Plants produce auxins with the help of amino acids. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid in the triggering of natural auxin production is an important component of Vidi Parva. These auxins stimulate the formation of fine roots and root hairs and promote the absorption of nutrients from the rhizosphere. This leads to an increase in the amount of proteins, sugars, and chlorophyll in the crop, resulting in a compact crop with plenty of vitality and vigour.

In addition to stimulating root initiation, Vidi Parva will proactively assist in the generative steering of the crop. This is a useful tool in maintaining crop balance throughout the season.

How to use Vidi Parva

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Application methods

Preparation of the solution
  • Shake the jerry can with Vidi Parva thoroughly before use
  • The application tank should be filled with half the required water prior to adding the Vidi Parva.
  • Add the correct amount of Vidi Parva to the spray solution
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Fill up the application tank
  • Apply
  • Optimum response only occurs when the product is taken up by the plant, either through the roots or leaves
Applying as drench or via the irrigation system
  • A separate tank/container is recommended for the proper preparation and application of the products
  • Always apply Vidi Parva to the irrigation water after the sand filter, ideally directly injected at the irrigation valve (by means of a Dosatron or Venturi)
  • Avoid drainage in substrates when applying drench/drip applications to prevent leaching
  • Make sure Vidi Parva does not remain in the irrigation system during the night
  • Use disinfectants regularly to keep the irrigation system clean, but do not use Vidi Parva at the same time as the disinfectant
  • Ensure that the concentration of Vidi Parva is higher than 200ppm at the plant
  • Ensure that the drench reaches the root zone. Soil penetrant adjuvants can be applied to assist transport to the root zone
Applying as a foliar
  • Always ensure that the spray tank is clean
  • Ensure good crop coverage
  • Application rates are based on 1000 litres spray volume per ha
  • Optimise crop response with addition of a sticker adjuvant
Applying as a mist/fog
  • Low volume, cold mist equipment
  • Ensure good crop coverage

Application rates

Select a crop stage to find your application rates.

Generative Steering

Period of application As required
Weekly applications
Method Drip irrigation
Dose 2 - 5  litres/ha

Direct sown seeds in soil

Period of application First true leaf emergence or initial root emergence 
Repeat after 7 days
Method In furrow/foliar // Seed bed foliar
Dose 0.1% solution // 0.5 - 1 ml/m

Root Initiation and Development

Period of application As required
Method Foliar/Drench
Dose 2 - 3 litres/ha
200 - 300 ml/100L

Seeds/cuttings in trays, modules or pots

Period of application First true leaf emergence or initial root emergence 
Repeat after 7 days
Method Foliar/Drench
Dose 0.5 - 1 ml/m2


Period of application Immediately post transplanting
Repeat after 7 days
Method Drench
Dose 3 litres/ha

The information given above is the recommended standard. Tailored advice requires detailed information on local factors, such as the crop itself, climate conditions and the desired response. Consult a Koppert specialist or a recognized distributor of Koppert products for further information.


Tank mix compatible with most soluble fertilizers and pesticide applications. However, it is recommended and good practice to test any mix for unexpected reactions. It is also recommended to test the mix on a few plants prior to extensive use of any mix.



Koppert Biological Systems is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.


  • Shelf life: see package for expiry date
  • Storage temperature: between 8-20 ºC
  • After opening limited shelf life
  • Store in a cool and dark place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight


To the best of our knowledge this product is completely safe to use. However, as this is a concentrated extract with a pH of 4, avoid unnecessary exposure of the product to skin, eyes and other body parts. As a precaution, wear protective clothes and equipment when spraying or handling the product. Do not drink or swallow the product, as it is not meant for human consumption. Store out of reach of children and pets.


Recycling through composting should be given preference over disposal. If recycling is not possible, the product should be disposed according to the locally valid laws on waste disposal and regulations (the competent authorities should be able to give the necessary information).

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