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We provide an integrated system of specialist knowledge and natural, safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production.

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Using solutions from nature itself. That is what we do at Koppert Biological Systems. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. We achieve this by using natural enemies and micro-organisms to combat pests and plant diseases, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground.

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We firmly believe in the power of nature. Working with nature requires a holistic approach which makes the cultivation of food crops environmentally friendly and free of chemical residue.

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Why Panoramix is Best for Your Seeds

Koppert’s product, Panoramix, continues to perform very well in different regions of Kenya. This seed dressing product for use in cereals is based on beneficial microorganisms that promote plant growth. Panoramix is applied directly to the seeds before planting. To obtain the best results, the seeds should be sown immediately after treatment. The unique liquid formulation makes it easy to apply and guarantees a uniform dressing. Panoramix delivers the following benefits: 1. It improves crop vigour and makes the crop more resilient 2. It boosts the plant’s resistance to insufficient moisture and other types of abiotic stress 3. It strengthens and improves the root system 4. It increases yield (an average increase of 3-4 bags per acre) 5. It is safe for people, plants and the environment The application procedure is as directed below: 1. Shake the product for about one minute and measure the right quantity of Panoramix 2. Put the seeds in a drum or any other mixing equipment and add Panoramix 3. Mix for about five minutes until a uniform dressing is achieved 4. Leave the seeds to dry in a cool place (away from the sun) for about 20-30 minutes before planting or bagging. NB: Sow the seeds immediately or in not more than 30 days! For more information about the product click here: Panoramix

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