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Date published: April 05, 2016

Partners with Nature

Contributing to the better health of the people and the planet, in partnership with nature

That is the one reason the Koppert team wakes up excited every day as look forward to interact with our growers. No matter what part of the world we operate, this goal remains the same. This clarity of mission crystallized in October in 2014, after almost 50 years of Koppert’s dedication to the production and development of natural enemies to control the most common pests in both horticulture and agriculture.

Koppert now provides a holistic approach that we offer to our clients today. It starts with the soil where all cultivation begins and ends with a residue-free harvest. Research and development, worldwide production and distribution of solutions & knowhow and knowledge sharing are the three important pillars of our company. Cornerstones that are inseparably connected and continue to grow. To represent this new direction as an organization a redefined mission was borne to channel the way:

Koppert Biological Systems contributes to better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive.
We provide an integrated system of specialist knowledge and natural, safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production.

You can watch the Koppert Mission Movie to find out more.

The world population is projected to hit 9 billion people by 2050. The big question remains to be, how do we produce enough food to feed the population and at the same time conserve and nurture our natural resources? Putting nature into action will allow us to do great things and in the process sustain a happy population and planet. By means of a holistic approach -combining knowledge, advice, and solutions - Koppert is playing an ever-increasing role in boosting the sustainability of cultivation and the chain. We are convinced that by working with nature and for nature we have a solid chance to foster long term sustainability of our planet. In cultivation, vital and resilient ecosystems form the basis for healthy crops. A healthy plant has a better defence system against pests and diseases, this can translate to a dramatic reduction in the use of fertilisers and pesticides, and more importantly, more yields of a better quality.

Koppert Biological Systems has a complete range of products offering biological control agents to combat pests, biostimulants (microbial products and natural substances) that support and strengthen the plant, seed treatment technologies and resilient cultivation with NatuGro. These innovative products and systems have enabled our clients to meet increasingly stringent international market demands and forge a strong market position. We invite you to learn more how Koppert is contributing to the better health of people and the planet in partnership with nature!