Special HD video series featuring pests and their natural enemies

Over the past few months, Koppert Biological Systems has released High Definition videos which feature common pests and their natural enemies as leading characters. The clear visuals and simple storytelling in the HD videos make it easier to understand how pests develop in the crop and how natural enemies combat them.

A vast array of remarkable moments take place in nature all the time, but most of these scenes, for instance between predatory mites and insects, cannot be observed with the naked eye. In a bid to enhance knowledge sharing, Koppert is taking visuals of common pests that growers regularly deal with and showing how natural enemies manage them.

The HD videos provide useful visuals and information for growers interested in sustainable agriculture and horticulture. At Koppert, we are committed to creating greater awareness of natural and safe solutions available for horticulture so as to help growers improve their crop production and achieve best results. 

Altogether, Koppert will release 36 videos that will feature pests such as, whitefly, spider mite, thrips, mealybugs, aphids and Tuta absoluta

Videos currently available include:

Several other videos are available on Koppert’s Youtube channel.

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